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Jan 28, 2022
Attended a webinar
Developing Community Guidelines
Excellent webinar on How Trust and Safety Policies and Processes are developed via Market Place Risk. A good reminder of how this work is never done! https://www.marketplacerisk.com/webinars
Head of CS, Polywork
Dec 11, 2021
Joined an Early Adopter Program
Life long learner
Started using Literal.club to find and share books.
Jan 20, 2022
Joined product design masterclass
I learned a lot about how the dynamics of product development work in large companies and with incredible professionals. Knowing from the difference between marketing and product management, how to prioritize and cognitive biases. Very interesting.
Started 3 days ago
Started a training course
I'm in training every saturday, at the Product Design Advanced's training by The Design Crew, for two month, since early january.

It helps me a lot to complete what i learned by myself. I'm learning more about process and user research. It's also a great way to meet other designers !
Career development
Life long learner
Been streaming videos with Chris Do the last few days to better my business and professional skills. I love the internet and open resources.

The Case for Specialization
Creative block
Learning German
Art portfolio
+ 1
After months of vigorous training and honing my skills. 
I am finally creatively blocked unsure how to progress further. 
As my ideas get more and more elaborate, my fears stack up as well. 

So I started succumbing in true crime videos on YouTube and practicing my German. Hopefully I can stop being stuck in this time of leisure. because I have to compile a new art portfolio, in which I want to showcase my newly acquired skills. 

Also, I have never said anything yet on this website, so I am not 100% familiar with everything going on, on this platform. But my name is Kaaya, from the Netherlands, I am an Audio-visual Designer, with a passion for film, motion design and 3D. There are a lot more things that interest me, but this is all necessary to know. For now!

Whenever I sign up for a social media, my aim is to encounter as many people as I possibly can. I want to be made aware of the scope of this planet. I am not always aware of that to be honest. I cannot think in billions, but meeting people is for me always the greatest joy. Even if we don't agree on everything, or we live different lives. Unless you think you're too big for this world, I will most likely want to communicate with you.

Well, I needed to release my anxieties and for some reason. I felt that this was the platform to do so. I do feel just a little better already.